Sonic Tantra is pleased to make your holiday more zappening with this new Hi-Tech and Psycore music compilation – VA – Riders on the Storm!

This compilation brings us all to the final destination of hardcore psychedelic trance like never before. Go ahead give this baby a spin!

Download for free in High Quality WAV and MP3 from Sonic Tantra.

A Free Dark Psy, Psycore and Hi-Tech Psychedelic trance compilation from Sonic Tantra Records

VA – Riders on the Storm will be available on Spotify, Youtube, Deezer and all other streaming music services in 2-5 weeks. We highly recommend to download this psychedelic trance compilation from Sonic Tantra website for higher sound quality than the online streaming services and immediate access.

Please share this flipped out Psycore/Hi-Tech compilation with your friends and Psyfamilia!

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