Very soon, Sonic Tantra Records will be releasing the next mind bangin’ Psycore and Hi-Tech Psytrance music compilation! Featuring punk-ass, psychodelic Hi-Tech & Psycore Psytrance music by MushroomMC aka M.M.C (Russia), Mr. Hades (Mexico), Psydrax (Guatemala), aGh0Ri (India), Dhrupad (India), Saga (India), Parasite (India), Kalilaskov AS (Israel/Russia), Sick Lion (Mexico) and Cyberbaba (Russia).

Riders on the Storm - Sonic Tantra Records - Coming soon - Psycore / Hi-Tech Psytrance

Expect this Psycore and Hi-tech Psytrance compilation very soon as a free release on Sonic Tantra and it’s distribution partners. With BPMs ranging from 170 to 200, be prepared to be taken into the eye of the storm! Compiled by Aghori Tantrik with support from Bones, this compilation will bring us all to the final destination of hardcore psychedelic trance like never before.

This is just a teaser, the artwork for this release is currently in progress – by Psydrax. Mastering is also in Progress by the Hi-tech Psytrance doctor, Mushroom MC aka MMC aka Alex Karlin.

Do feel free to contact us if you wish to contribute to the project. We’re always looking for psychedelic video producers who can help us with creating fitting psychedelic videos for our releases.

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