Sonic Tantra Psytrance Music Records

Since 2005, Sonic Tantra has been releasing magical energies using DarkPsy, Forest, Psycore & Psychedelic Trance Music

The label was founded in 2005 by Sid aka aGh0Ri TanTriK from Shiva’s own land, with the sole intention of pushing the techniques and styles of psytrance music into new possibilities!

We produce, curate and release psychedelic trance music and artists from around the world to create a unique magical energy that transcends it’s listeners to a newage shamanic trance dance experience.

Latest Album Release

Kapala Murti by aGh0Ri TanTriK

Sonic Tantra Psytrance Music Records presents aGh0Ri TanTriK’s sixth album containing 10 powerful DarkPsy, Psycore and Hitech Psytrance tracks. 

Aghori Tantrik - Dark Psychedelic Trance Music Album - Kapala Murti - 2020


Latest Releases & News

New & Upcoming Dark Psytrance Music Albums

New & Upcoming Dark Psytrance Music Albums

SonicTantra.com is pleased to offer two new DarkPsy / Psycore compilations from our friends labels for Free! Feel free to download and stream these full power night psychedelic trance albums right here! Head to our Free Music section to find tons of Free DarkPsy /...

3 ways to support Sonic Tantra Records

3 ways to support Sonic Tantra Records

Sonic Tantra is one of the oldest community Psychedelic Trance labels still active today. The keyword here is community and not elitism. We focus on music and not the musician or his eliteness. This is what sets us apart. Most of our artists are new-found talent that...

VA – Riders on the Storm – Out now!

VA – Riders on the Storm – Out now!

Sonic Tantra is pleased to make your holiday more zappening with this new Hi-Tech and Psycore music compilation - VA - Riders on the Storm! This compilation brings us all to the final destination of hardcore psychedelic trance like never before. Go ahead give this...

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