is pleased to offer two new DarkPsy / Psycore compilations from our friends labels for Free! Feel free to download and stream these full power night psychedelic trance albums right here! Head to our Free Music section to find tons of Free DarkPsy / Psycore / Hi-Tech Psytrance music compilations for download in High Quality WAV or MP3 Formats. Please share or like our music album to unlock the music player for each album. Thanks a lot for your support so far, we hope you enjoy the music!

DarkPsy and Psycore psytrance compilation Ghor Kaliyuga coming soon on Sonic Tantra

Also we have some great news for our listeners. We’re about to release a new compilation on Sonic Tantra, titled “Gh0R Kaliyuga” (Age of eXtreme Darkness). Stay tuned!

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