VA – Surgical Strike (2017, Voodoo Hoodoo)

Call for price

VA – Surgical Strike compiled by Psykoze for Voodoo Hoodoo Records is a hi-tech psytrance and psycore compilation. With an aggressive feel through most of the compilation, listeners will be subjected to an overdose of mad psycore sounds with sharp but sonorous rhythmic FX. Crank this one to surgically strike the darkest zones of your mind and body.


1.VIRTUANOISE — Fairy Story [178]
2.FREQ36 — Numerik [180]
3.A.T.O.A.M. — Dyson Sphere [180]
4.PSYKOZE — Life Ingredients [189]
5.UPHURYA — The Creation Theory [193]
6.SPATIUM MINUSCULUS — Whispers in the Dark
7.TZOLKIN PROJECT — Relajacion Profunda [200]
8.KONTATON — Melo [218]
9.NYOTECH — Fractal Visions [200]
10.i-LOGIC feat SPIRIT MOLECULE — Modtech [180]
11.DIGITALX — Surgical Strike [170]
12.YAWANAWA — Communication [180]
13.KINERAVNA — Tritosphere [185]
14.VARAZSLO — Promise land [192]
15.EPILEPTIC SHAMANS — Warnings [202]
16.KINETIK FLUX — i Love to Kill the Fucking Time on D
17.AGH0RI TANTRIK — Char Chandal [202.5]
18.AUDIOSYNTAX — Alien Speech [212]
19.DER SANDMANN — Me Voy Con El [230]
20.PHRENETICUS — Coremmercial [240]

Mastering by DIGITALX

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