VA – Riders on the Storm (2015)


A Psycore and Hi-Tech Psychedelic Trance compilation from Sonic Tantra Records. Download Free in WAV, HD WAV and MP3.

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Sonic Tantra presents Riders on the Storm, the next installment of Psychedelic Darknezz from Sonic Tantra. Get thrown into a new world of Post-Apocalyptic Madnezz! Take a long holiday, make love and Ride the Storm!

Featuring Hi-tech Psytrance and Psycore music artists from all over world.

01 – Kalilaskov AS – We Came in Peace [147 BPM]
02 – Saga – Alchemy To Harmony [170 BPM]
03 – Dhrupad – The Wild Child [173 BPM]
04 – aGh0Ri TanTriK – Evil Inside Remix [190 BPM]
05 – Cyberbaba – Cybernetic Omkara [164 BPM]
06 – aGh0Ri TanTriK – Good Bye Evil World [190 BPM]
07 – Sick Lion – Death Signal [200 BPM]
08 – Parasite – Maha Avatar [190 BPM]
09 – Psydrax – I’m Not Crazy [175 BPM]
10 – Mr. Hades – Therapy [184 BPM]
11 – M.M.C. – Kto zdes [172 BPM]

Mastering by MMC
Artwork by Psydrax
Copyright Sonic Tantra Recs 2015

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