VA – Rest in Pieces (2009)


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Sonic Tantra takes you on a trip into the next series of nu skool dark madnezz! With Rest in Pieces we mark new terroritaries in cypherspace @ supramental realities.
Awaken wid acid, no need of material disgustin things like money or body, honey, You are your messiah, your own buddha. Whispering loudly in the darkness, “My peace is in pieces!”, a telepathic call from the ancient satellite Mir Grez reeches you while your havin ure tweezted blueberry visions, as you rapidly go up in smoke, you realize it was all a wicked game that these demons have played with you. It’s time to rest in pieces..

01. Audio Psykosis – Acid Awakening
02. Nertosystem vs StrezZ vs wi’][‘ch – No Money, No Body Honey Bunny
03. EQ Tunkul – Messiah
04. Killer Hurtz – Buddha (Part 1)
05. Necropsycho – Whisperer in the Darkness
06. aGh0Ri TanTriK – Peace in Pieces
07. EniChkin – Mir Grez
08. Liquedator – Blueberry
09. Devic – Up in Smoke

Mastering by Eq Tunkul
CD Cover Artwork by Sid (aGh0Ri).

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