VA – Portal Surfers (2017)


Sonic Tantra worked with Australiacs to bring together the perfect darkpsy/psycore compilation that energizes and revolutionizes the psychonaut’s mind to surf the portal with kick ass grooves and interdimensional pleasures! These psychedelic beats from experienced portal surfers are the universal tone to tune in, turn on and drop out! What delights lie in the portal, can only be experienced, so we encourage you to try this trippy dark psychedelic compilation yourself and send us your trip reports!

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The portal is centre d’Eveil (in french), or the center of awakening. Surfing the Portal gives another dimension to the being. In many cases symptoms of co-existing in another dimension such as the head spinning are experienced. This is an indication that the soul of the surfer is open to this force for its purification and its liberation.

While surfing the portal, it is not important where you want to sit to meditate as the spiral energy goes through the entire being. Even if a crowd wants to surf the portal, everyone will benefit equally of this energy and it will in no way be depleted. Contrary to other places where the energy has to be recharged, here, the flow is constant and permanent, transmutating the residues into neutral energies swept away by the force of the current.

Sonic Tantra together with Australiacs present these 8 hand picked Dark Psychedelic Trance tracks by artists from both Australiacs & Sonic Tantra.

01 – Room Full Of Eyes – Naraka (148 bpm)
02 – Far Q – Great Mystery (150 bpm)
03 – Kamala – La Bruja (158 bpm)
04 – Sinister Sequence – Laundry Physics With Sync (163 bpm)
05 – Psyloscope – Bohemian Groove (165 bpm)
06 – MinDelve – Grahana (170 bpma)
07 – aGh0Ri TanTriK – Mahakaal Taal (190 bpm)
08 – Pranadarma – Holographic Deconstruction (210 bpm)

Audio Mastering by Psyloscope
Artwork by ShivaOmArt

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