VA – Mysterious Magnetic Wave (2014)


A Banging 2 Part compilation – Part 1 Forest Psytrance Part 2 – Darker Forest Psytrance!
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“The Divine source emits impulses which may occur to us as a mystical experience.
With its help we are able to perceive the incredible beauty of creation.
The force that generates meditation in the dance brings us together,
and the spirit unites us on a journey through the frequencies of the universe.”

Sonic Tantra Records & Griboz Project presents VA – Mysterious Magnetic Wave , a 2 Part , double CD compilation with 22 fresh Psychedelic Trance tracks engineered to perfection by master artists from around the globe.

Part 1 consists of forest psychedelic trance style tracks tastefully selected by Griboz Project to make the mystical woods come to life!

Part 2 consists of the classic Dark Psytrance genre music artfully created by some of the biggest names in the Dark Psy today!

Part 1:

1 Spinningtop – Without saffi
2 Neon – Re-mind
3 Ablepsia meet.Ahankara – Where Is Reality
4 Sirtja – Puls universe
5 KiRu – Tyuva Mosquito
6 Parasect & Witch Freak – PriPROquo (Parasect RMX)
7 Goch & Khaos Sektor – Singular Position
8 Sirtja – Spiral tree
9 Griboz Project – Jungle Shouts
10 Witch Freak – The Dark Half
11 Satyr Iasis – Metaphysics
12 TunguZka – Spectral forest lounge

Part 2:
13 Maximus vs Griboz – Unreal reality
14 Limbo – Gravity
15 Fobi – Power Of The Universe
16 Fraktal Arabesque – Multidimensional Sound Vortex
17 Chemical Spoon – Histadin rmx
18 M.M.C. – Posthuman Galaxy
19 Maximus – Parfumer
20 aGh0Ri TanTriK – Vortigaunts Sneekin Around
21 Sanathana – Mindless Inhabitant
22 Griboz & Pupsidelic – Two FaceCompiled & Mastered by: Griboz Project (Andrey @ Gribodelic Studio)
Art work by: Neomorph

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