VA – Ghor Kaliyuga (2016)


Sonic Tantra presents Ghor Kaliyuga which means “The Age of eXtreme Darkness”. This powerful psychedelic realisation in form of a DarkPsy and Psycore music album has been compiled by aGh0Ri TanTriK and features 11 collaborations between artists such as Xhamanik Ritual, Penumbra, Komfuzius & More!

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In ancient vedic cosmology, there are 4 main Yugas or Ages, of which Kaliyuga is the final age spanning 432,000 years. Ghor Kaliyuga is the climax!

Ghor is the obscurity of ignorance, but it also means intense, deep or extreme.

Kaliyuga is the Age of Kali. Kali is a Black Goddess, Black is the color where everything disappears. Her form is terrific, and symbolizes the power, the strength, the good that defeats evil with her divine power.

Ghor Kaliyuga cannot harm those who are free of malice, envy, arrogance, and hatred, and who are firm in their faith. In Ghor Kaliyuga, unlike the other ages, having mere intention of being good and having a firm resolution produces desired result of liberation from karmic cycle of suffering.

Inspired by this divine knowledge and wisdom, we present this intense Psycore album that will help demolish all demons – both inside and out!

वेदा न लोका न सुरा न यज्ञा वर्णाश्रमो नैव कुलं न जातिः ।
न धूममार्गो न च दीप्तिमार्गो ब्रह्मैकरूपं परमार्थतत्त्वम् ।।

There are no worlds, no Vedas, no Devas, no sacrifices,
no castes, no family tribes, no nationalities,
no smoke-path, no shining-path.
There is only the highest Truth, the Absolute Brahman.
(Avadhut Gita)

01 – aGhORi TanTriK – MahaMrityunJaya [160 bpm]
02 – Komfuzius vs aGhORi TaTriK – MahaMrityunJaya [160 bpm]
03 – Bhassam vs Plasma Force – Hoia Baciu [170 bpm]
04 – Plasma Force vs Bhassam vs aGhORi TantriK – Aokigahara [155 bpm]
05 – Yobott vs Utu – Temporary Psychosis [175 bpm]
06 – Psyloscope vs Penumbra – LSDemons [170 bpm]
07 – MinDelve vs Miquiztli – No Faith [200 bpm]
08 – Utu vs Keluk – Raging Clue [188 bpm]
09 – Xhamanik Ritual & Crooked Mind – Panic Report [172 bpm]
10 – UnrealaZz & WeejoonZ – Troll Pattern [150 bpm]
11 – Low Rezolution vs aGhORi TanTriK – MahaMrityunJaya [160 bpm]

Mastering by Psyloscope
Compiled by aGh0Ri TanTriK

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