VA – Cosmogenezis (2010)


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Sonic Tantra Records continues the karmic cycle of tantra trance music with a refreshing new compilation titled Cosmogenezis. Mixed and mastered by Eq Tunkul, this release will propel you on a mind expanding journey through cosmogenesis, the origin and development of the cosmos.

01- Mind Distortion System – Psychologue
02 – Antagon – Floating Point
03 – Regravity AKA Savely – Waves
04 – Eq Tunkul – Mama Africa
05 – Eq Tunkul – Paul Gauguin & New Millenium Cyanide Christ
06 – aGh0Ri TanTriK – Para Brahman
07 – T.G.B. & Arcek – Docemasuno
08 – Metadelic – Musical Terrorist
09 – Pharmacore – Petlya Oriona

Mixed and mastered by Eq Tunkul
Cover art by Ilya Starilov

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