VA – The Darkness Legacy (2017, Evil Instinct Recs)


Darkness Legacy compiled by Master of Horror ensures you shout in silence, meet Satan & Space Ghosts, meddle with Boneless Corpses, and experience Frequencies Low. Blood and ashes flow freely, Zombification occurs. Evil Instincts will take over!

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1. aGh0Ri TanTriK – Satan (150 Bpm)
2. Cinortele – Space Ghost (150 Bpm)
3. Kyuubi – Boneless Corpse (154 Bpm)
4. Bar – Frequency Low (156 Bpm)
5. Master Of Horror – Shouting in Silence (165 Bpm)
6. Sychoplasm – Blood and Ashes (168 Bpm)
7. Master Of Horror – Entuz Malevoriz (180 Bpm)
8. Inimical Disorder – Zombification (190 Bpm)
9. Suffer Misery – EviL Instinct (210 Bpm)

Audio Mastering by Master of Horror
Evil Instinct Records 2017

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