VA – Six Simple Machines IV: The Inclined Plane (2018, Darknox Recs)

Call for price

Featuring some of the finest legends in DarkPsy such as Full Lotus, Bodhi, Irgum Burgum, DataKult & many more, Six Simple Machines IV: The Inclined Plane by Darknox Records is DarkPsy and Psycore compilation that will lift your neurons through the cracks of the portals into groovy psychedelic mindscapes & leave you wanting for more! Download this Dark Psytrance / Psycore compilation now in HQ WAV or MP3 for free!


1. Freq36 – Zorbadelia
2. DigitalX – Ignorance
3. Bodhi – Open Source
4. Noein & Full Lotus (The Undercover Freaks) – Wahey
5. Atria & Lost Reflection – State Of Flux
6. Slate – Vimana
7. Sample Bugs – Another Planet (RIP Igor)
8. Irgum Burgum – Melankoholik
9. aGh0Ri TanTriK – Go With The Flow
10. Datakult & Yata-Garasu – Distortion Malfunction
11. Aum Sector & Atria (Azareth) – Real Space Entity
12. Murukhan – Controlled Chaos
13. Twisted Kala – Funny Things
14. N.O.M – Vishudda (Rmx) 08:23

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