Manifestation Nation II (2015, JellyFish Frequency Recording)


Join us as we explore and experiment in a wide range of medium in psy – ranging from dark progressive to modular crunchy night time to hi-tech.

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In this release, JellyFish Frequency Recording’s have scoured the depths for the most compelling tales in underground sound and in some instances monsters from the deep simply found us !

If you like your sounds weird , fresh, and new – then be our guest , take the trip !

1. Cinortele – Greasy
2. Pitchcraft – The Pied Piper of Sillydale
3. aGh0Ri TanTriK – Preth Atma
4. Ipotocaticac & Le Malinard – Ligne 2
5. Eitonin – WoggleBug
6. Pangea – 1234
7. Shinje – Acid Test
8. Menterama – Disconnected (Rmx)
9. Audiosyntax – Ruhe ueber den Wassern tribute to Arvo v2
10. Aum Sync – Funki Fungi
11. Audiosyntax – Earthbound
12. Rose-Red Flechette – Neural Stack Overflow

All tracks mastered by Konvndrvm

Except Tracks:
6 – Mastered by Pangea
9, 11 – Mastered by Audiosyntax


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