VA – Inner Fhorse Chapter III (2016, Horsepower Productions)


Horsepower Productions’ VA – Inner Fhorse Chapter III is full of personality and unique styles within the Darkpsy spectra made by a mix of upcoming as well as well-established artists such as Synthetic Forest, Nibana, Satori, aGh0Ri TanTriK & More!

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01. Setanic – The Topsy Turvets 148bpm
02. Romeroz – Numero 23 152bpm
03. Mythorlogic – Track 01 154bpm
04. Camanchaca – Qinaya Aruma 158bpm
05. Cyberbaba – Paraballoonatic 160bpm
06. Psy Horror Noize – Nekron 160bpm
07. Phsiris – Friends With Tacos (Eleusis Remix) 170bpm
08. Satori – Circuit 175bpm
09. aGh0Ri TanTriK – Evil Inside 180bpm
10. Aukiani – Loom 180bpm
11. Nibana – Ghetto Shaman 180bpm
12. Synthetic Forest – Rumpelstilz 181bpm
13. Motorbrain – Rise of the Bloodmoon 190BPM
14. Hector Miller – Alucinaciones Severas 190bpm
15. Uruculator – The Puppet Master 194bpm

All tracks mastered by Konvndrvm

Except Tracks:
6 – Mastered by Pangea
9, 11 – Mastered by Audiosyntax


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