VA – Infinite Misery (2017, Sonic Contrast Beings)

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VA – Infinite Misery, compiled by Bhassam (India), is a Psycore masterpiece with an eerie demonic edge released on Sonic Contrast Beings. Featuring 15 Hardcore Psychedelic tracks by artists such as Snuratekk, Mythorlogic, Shadowform, aGh0Ri TanTriK & more, this release will keep you tweaking non-stop and provide fantastic miserable nightmares just the way you love them!


1. Relativismus – Rorobro
2. LiveWire – Stay Wired
3. aGhORi TanTriK – Abducted Aliens
4. INterioR veNT – A Game For The Ego
5. Lakali & Nephilim – Gurorias
6. Shadowform Vs Naaru – Brainstorm
7. Fat Freddy – Camouflauged Shamanic Ritual
8. Bhassam – Malevolent Eyes
9. Snuratekk – Daemonic Tormentum
10. Mythorlogic – Dolore
11. Necronomus – Esclavo Det Avismo
12. ShamoOrtee – (S)aint
13. MultiKhauzal – Machinehydras
14. Cyber Buddha – Lucid
15. Plasma Force – Hátækni eintök

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