VA – Encrypted Jungle (2019, Badgers Recs)

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Encrypted Jungle released on Greek label, Badgers Records is a high-speed hi-tech psytrance compilation with 9 powerful tracks. The psychedelic masterpieces will keep the mind locked in a cryptic maze of intensely high dimensions. Cannibals Enjoy..

From the dystopian new world made of concrete, metal and glass there derive the sounds of our basic instinct for creation. Evolved animals, bio-hacked and microchipped, walking among neon signs and augmented reality images, living in our new age encrypted jungle..

Track list:

1. RomeoDark – Lonely Memories (162 BPM) 06:55
2. MinDelve – Emulator (155 BPM) 06:11
3. Aurokarya – Entropik (194 BPM) 10:33
4. Kounoupi – Stay True To Yourself (192 BPM) 07:07
5. Sadhu – Broken Soul (199 BPM) 06:03
6. aGh0Ri TanTriK – Resistance Is Futile (219 BPM) 06:19
7. Kounoupi Vs Der Sandmann – Vunkuhila (176/240/176 BPM) 10:48
8. RomeoDark & Toadstool – Refracted (206 BPM) 06:28
9. Yata-Garasu & Sound Curious – Death Blossom (240 BPM) 08:11

Compiled by Ю
Mastered by DigitalX(CYPRUS)
Art Work Design by Foundinaforest
Produced by Jyro

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