Ce Tecpatl Death To The Obsidian Edge (2021, Terrorchtitlan Dark Core Mafia)

Call for price

Ce Tecpatl Death To The Obsidian Edge is a twisted dsycore compilation by the mexican label, †† TERRORCHTITLAN DARK CORE MAFIA †† It contains tweaky blasters from artists like Zamurah, Cinortele, aGh0Ri TanTriK & more!

*Ce iuh mitoaia; in jquac timiqui, ca amo nelli timiqui ca amo nelli timiqui ca ie tiyoli,ca ie titozcalia,ca ie tinemi, ca tica.

Well it said so; When we die, it is not true that we die, because we still live, because we resuscitate, we exist, we wake up.

Track list:

01. Intro
02. Zamurah & Tiyug – Pleasure Shortcut – 153bpm
03. Psycholouis – Devil’s Snare – 164bpm
04. aGh0Ri TanTriK – So it is, and So it will be – 220bpm
05. SnaiTrail – New Life – 160bpm
06. Cinortele – Bad Poppins – 158bpm
07. Romeodark – Sad Family – 153bpm
08. Umkhubã – Curandê – 161Bpm
09. Hurakan – Darkaolic – 155 to 186 BPM
10. Corvos – Tabu X
11. Clostridium Tetani – Cybernetic Mantra – 220bpm
12. Psylocibirex – Ephemeral sky on fire – 210bpm
13. Potowatoma – Potowatomii – Sounds of Terrorchtitlan – 190bpm

Mastered by Zamurah
Artwork Renox & Psycholouis
Produced by Jyro

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