aGh0Ri TanTriK – Patala – The Underworld (2014)

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With this 4th album, aGh0Ri TanTriK is back again with yet another horrific creation which is sure to twist and blast yo brainz!

Titled, “Pātāla”, which means “The Underworld” in Vedic cosmology, this album is journey into the deepest and darkest sectors of the cosmos. According to the ancient knowledge, the universe is divided into three worlds, Swarga (Heaven), Prithvi (Earth) and Pātāla (the seven lower regions) – the underworld and netherworld.

Patala is composed of seven regions or lokas,the seventh and lowest of them is also called Patala or Naga-loka, the region of the Nagas. We can see this Patala is quite fractal in nature and hence this album can be fully appreciated when your mind is fully open to such dimensions.

aGh0Ri opens the mind, body and soul with the ancient tantric instrument known as Chod for The Summoning of spirits to open the doors to enter Pātāla. Vissudha denotes the throat chakra, that must be activated in order to communicate effectively with different dimensions and the spirit world. The next thing you know, the darkness is all around as you find yourself in Pātāla. In Pātāla, the world of Nagas, the spirits take over completely, the body is non-existent but the soul is liberated by the Nagas. There is no choice, but to Enjoy the Ride. Pagli Pawan is blowing all around in chaotic synchronicity, carrying you deeper and deeper inside Patala. A Powerful Sonic Shamanic Tonic is presented and then that Goddess who wears a garland of skulls, Kankalamalini is witnessed in all Her glory. With that intense vision, we then look within ourselves and find our True Natures and in that process break out of Maya Jaal (Web of illusion), when we finally understand our own True Natures. Yes it’s true, a single Ancient Drop concocted by aGh0Ri & friends is a perfect way to get permanent residence in this netherworld called, Pātāla..
Audio Mastering by Sergio Brentan @ Fluxfield Studios (Brazil) – Facebook Page
Album Art by ShivaOm Facebook Page

01. Aghori Tantrik – The Summoning 08:10
02. Low Rezolution – Visuddha (aGh0Ri TanTriK Remix) 10:34
03. Aghori Tantrik – Patala 07:08
04. Aghori Tantrik – Rooh ka Kabza 08:02
05. Aghori Tantrik – Enjoy the Ride 07:52
06. Aghori Tantrik – Pagli Pawan (Winds of Madness) 06:46
07. Aghori Tantrik – Sonic Shamanic Tonic 06:30
08. Aghori Tantrik – Kankalamalini 06:02
09. Aghori Tantrik – True Natures 08:38
10. Critical Selection vs. Liquedator – Ancient Drop ( aGh0Ri TanTriK Remix) 06:56

Audio Mastering by Sergio Brentan @ Fluxfield Studios (Brazil) – Facebook Page
Album Art by ShivaOm Facebook Page

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