aGh0Ri TanTriK – Eternal Extacy (2018)

Sonic Tantra present’s aGh0Ri TanTriK’s 5th album, “Eternal Extacy” – A full power darkpsy and experimental psytrance album.

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Psychonauts rejoice, Aeonian Transmissions passed down through thousands of years find their real fulfilment and manifest in Eternal Extacy! That’s it!

Aaj ki Taaza Kabar! The day’s fresh corpse has awoken! Is that me or you, or was it the universal I?! Hang the Second coz he got freaked! Deep toasted man!

We Warned you, What was that Rush? Didn’t you hear His brain comin’?

Get ready for The Next Life, you might just be a god who is among other things a trickster, the joker at the heart of things.

Chit Bhairava is the fire at the end of the aeon, as powerful as a Billion Suns!

Alright ya mad man, take some rest from constructing galaxies, suns and planets. aGh0Ri over and out!

Additional Credits:
“Kala Bhairava” – Indian Classical Vocals by Bapu Padmanabha
Mastering Courtesy: Ne Spesha aka Hmmka (Belarus)

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