Absolut Shit EP 3 (2016, Absolut Shit Recs)


Absolut Shit EP3 continues the Absolut Shit Records’ mission of releasing mind-bending Darkpsy sub-genre of Psytrance music. This Dark Psytrance mini-album features the first official release of Nancy Invid Mind’s amazing Noonien Soong project, one of aGh0Ri TanTriK’s unique productions, Underground Directive’s DarkPsy Monster, and a Twisted low bpm sound track from Dfectv & Starfire. That’s the Sh17!

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Tracklist & Credits:

1. Noonien Soong – Blue Beat
2. Aghori Tantrik – Frogs Under the Shrooms
3. Underground Directive – Four Way 07:59
4. Dfectv and Starfire – Beyond the Boundaries 07:30

Compiled by Herbert Quain
Art by Mexican Chocolate Design
Mastered by Colin Bennun at the Stoodio

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